My Turn!

I have 10 minutes left on my lunch break at work and thought I would quickly blog about my funny little 3 year old.  His favorite phrase lately is

“My Turn!”

He likes to do EVERYTHING all by himself.  I am grateful for an independent toddler (sometimes.)  He does not like help, assistance, advice, or anything that involves him not fully doing a task by himself.  I can ruin his day quickly when I try to help him out.

Yesterday he took 10 minutes to put on his pajama shirt.  During that time there were screams, fits and frustration.  He would ask for help and when I tried to help, he would say:  “No, my turn!”  He FINALLY got the shirt on after quite the effort only to discover it was backwards.  I tried not to laugh out loud, but it was hilarious.  I will post a sped up video of his process later on.

I find this situation amusing because he is my own kid.  Does anyone else have a fiercely independent toddler?

DIY Christmas Garland

I had a lot of fun adoring our plain green Christmas garland for our house this year.  I am a little late posting about it, but it is SO easy that you still have time to create one yourself.

I had intentions on just buying a pre decorated garland because I didn’t want to take the time to do it.  However I didn’t really like the decorated ones I saw and so I decided to do my own.

I bought a plain green pre lit garland similar to this one.

Next, I went to the Dollar Store and bought some red berries

I also bought red and silver ornaments at the Dollar Store.

I turned my Thanksgiving pinecones into snow covered ones using this super duper easy method.  Literally 5 minutes to make!  

Finally, I bought some green wire to attach everything to the garland.

My son had a blast using the wire cutters and cutting all the wire pieces for me.  Projects are more fun when my kids help out.  I am not a perfectionist so spacing the decorations out evenly or having a plan in mind did not happen.  We just stuck everything on there, and I love it!  The right way to decorate is the way you like it for your own home.

Top 10 Signs You are Married to a Hoarder


1 – He returns home from the dump with more stuff than he took…(seriously this has happened on several occasions).

2 – He gets giddy when passing the organizational section at Walmart.

3 – He has duplicate items of everything “just incase” he ever needs it.

4 – Everything…I mean everything he owns automatically has sentimental value regardless of the item.

5 – He generously helps others by taking stuff off of their hands.

6 – He has enough knick knacks to start his own antique shop.

7 – When he tells you about an old friend that weirdly saved belly button lint and you start to wonder if he is considering doing the same thing himself.

8 – He refers to himself as a collector

9 – He finds uses for everything. . old yogurt containers, cardboard boxes, etc. You get the idea.

10 – When he owns 17 backpacks and still can’t wait to buy more each year.

Recently Rob posted “Top 10 Signs You are Married to a Minimalist“. I was not thrilled about this post and suggested he change some points and get rid of others altogether. He called me out on that…even as he was writing a post about minimalism, I was trying to convince him to get rid of stuff:)

Hoarders and minimalists, please feel free to comment below with those signs that may be missing. I know this will be difficult for the minimalists. You are thinking, a list of 10 items is sufficient. What is funny, is I bet the hoarders will be the ones that add to the list.



Christ Centered Advent Calenders


I love everything about Christmas especially counting down the days until it is here.  Christ is the reason for the season and so today I wanted to share some ideas for some Christ Centered Advent Calendars.

Stone Path Nativity

dsc_0161 dsc_0162

This was so fun and easy to make with my kids.  The peg people represent each member of our family.  Each day, we take one of the stones away on the path and move our family one step closer towards Christ.  The people are wooden pegs and the nativity is made out of popsicle sticks.  My kids had a blast painting their own peg person and being part of the process.  I found this simple and cute idea here.

Last Straw


This is such a simple advent calendar.  Each day you put a piece of straw on the manger until it is Christmas time.  Right now these are only $3.99 at Seagull Book.  My kids loved doing this last year too.

Nativity Felt Board


These felt nativity boards are so cute for advent calendars!  Each day you put a different felt item on the nativity scene until it is Christmas time.  My kids had a blast with these last year and played with them nonstop.  They were lucky enough to have their grandma make these for them. However, if you don’t have time to make your own felt nativity set, you can easily get some cute inexpensive ones here.

Twenty Five Days of Christ


This advent calendar you flip over a different number each day to see a picture of Christ on the back.  I have been wanting to make one of these for the past couple of years but have not done it yet.  This one in the picture is one that my mom made.  I love the idea of seeing a different picture of Christ each day to remember the season.  You can find the pictures in magazines easily.  There are some easy tutorials I linked below to make these.

Christ Centered Advent

Christ the Savior is Born Advent

Advent Calendar Free Printables

Free Illustrated Advent Calendar

Free Advent Calendar Printable

More Christ Centered Advent Calendars

I compiled some of my most favorite Christ Centered Advent Calendar ideas below.

Christ Centered Advent Calendars and Activities


Turn Photos into Watercolor Paintings


Watercolor Photos

I love admiring beautiful watercolor paintings.  I am amazed at the talent it takes to create these works of art.  I definitely do not have this artistic talent and since artwork can be pretty expensive, I tried to look around for other alternatives.

I found an app called:  Waterlogue.  This app can change any of the photos you upload into beautiful watercolor paintings in 30 seconds or less. There were several app options, but I personally liked this one the best and it had the best reviews.  Here are a few examples below.

image1-10 image1-11 image2-1

Frame it

I ended up deciding to frame one of the pictures I turned into a watercolor. I printed off the picture at Costco, framed it and had my hubby hang it up.  I love it!  I already had the frame, so the whole project cost me about five dollars.



5 Easy Ways to Keep a Journal

Journal Keeping

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Keeping Your Baby Warm This Winter is Easy


With winter approaching, one of the dilemmas I face is how to keep my baby warm in her carseat when going places. Putting a jacket or bulky coat on my baby is dangerous and unsafe. Trying to bunch a blanket on top results in her pulling or pushing it off.    Continue reading “Keeping Your Baby Warm This Winter is Easy”