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About the authors

Hi, my name is Rob a.k.a. Man in the Brimmed Hat. I started this blog with my wife Kari as a forum for us to share many of the fun projects and ideas.

We have been happily married for almost a decade now and have been blessed with four (4) beautiful children.

We bought an older house we feel has tons of character and enjoy working on projects to make it home to our family. Most of the posts I do revolve around the various projects I work on and reviewing the equipment I buy to make these projects happen.

Kari, who I affectionately refer to as Ms. Brimmed Hat on this site, graduated as an elementary education teacher. She taught 2nd grade for a few years before we started having the kids.

Many of her posts center around motherhood and home organization ideas.

One thing to note about us- she tends to be a minimalist and I tend to be more of a “collector”. I don’t consider myself a hoarder, but she might. I feel as though we compliment each other fairly well in this regard. One time I suggested she pick a book for me to read and I told her I would read it. When I made this suggestion, I was thinking of a good non-fiction book we could read together. I was surprised when she suggested I read a book on how to become a minimalist.  I was glad that I read it. It helped me part with quite a bit of junk.

Our ultimate goal is to have a happy marriage, happy kids, and a home that serves as a sanctuary. Most all of our posts will center around how we strive to achieve these goals.

I would feel honored if you decided to follow our blog. We commit to you that we will do our best to provide fun and interesting ideas and content.