Cheap Light Fixture Makeover Using 2 Supplies

Dated Lights

Ever since we moved in 9 years ago, I have REALLY disliked our light fixtures.  They were brass color with dark shaded glass.  Not the most attractive combo.  Even worse, there were 3 matching lights throughout our upstairs just like it.  Finally one day, I decided something needed to change.  I started looking at lights to buy and found a bunch I really liked.  However, then I got the idea that I could possibly repurpose the ones we already had.  I figured if I didn’t like the outcome I could just buy some new ones anyways.  However, I ended up loving the result of repurposing them.  The only supplies I used were:

  1. Rustoleum spray paint
  2. New clear glass

First Step

I took down all the light fixtures and then pulled out the shaded glass.  I called my friend Patrick who works for  Kelly Stained Glass and he quoted me $30.00  for clear glass to replace the darker glass pieces for all 3 light fixtures.

Second Step

I bought some white Rustoleum spray paint that is designed to spray on metal.  You could paint the light fixtures any color.  Rustoleum has a line of spray paint that gives all kinds of looks (antique, hammered metal, amber, copper, oil rubbed bronze, etc.)  I opted for white because I was trying to brighten up the area and wanted something light colored

Third Step

I taped off the lights and wires so I wouldn’t get spray paint on them.  I started spray painting.  I applied two coats of spray paint waiting in between each coat for it to dry. (I have three light fixtures, but only took a picture of two for some reason)


To say we were shocked with our new amount of brightness is an understatement.  Now that we have clear glass, and a white painted fixture, our hallways and entry way are SO much brighter.  We couldn’t believe how much light had been hidden by having the shaded glass.  Our kids even walked down the hall and kept saying:  “It is so bright!”  This really was a super easy project that yielded great results.  Give it a try if you are wanting something new.

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