Cleo Madison Dress Review

I was excited when Cleo Madison contacted me and offered to send a clothing item in exchange for my honest review.  I had never heard of their company before but I love trying out new places to shop for clothes.  My husband teases me because over the years when I get ready for church on Sunday, I will comment that I have nothing to wear even though I have a closet full of dresses.  I don’t think he understands that a girl can have never have too many dresses.

The item I chose from Cleo Madison was their Lindy Floral Dress.  When looking for a dress, my criteria is:

  • Fit
  • Comfort
  • Cute
  • Modest
  • Price


I am skeptical of ordering online somewhere that I have never shopped at before.  Sometimes things don’t fit quite right and then I have to deal with shipping it back or settling to make it work.  I am pretty picky with how things fit on me too.  However this dress fit great!  The sizing was right on.  The dress has a pleated waist that gives it a nice fitted look but also allows to stretch bigger too.  Fortunately Cleo Madison accepts returns too incase you aren’t happy with your product.  For more on their return policy, you can click here.


Comfort is big for me.  I can wear the cutest dress in the world but if it’s not comfy to wear, then I usually won’t wear it that much.  Typically when I get home from wearing a dress, I can’t wait to change out of it.  However, I feel like I could wear this dress all day long because it is so comfy.  The fabric is soft and flowy and doesn’t feel bulky, scratchy, tight or restrictive.  I loved how it felt wearing it.


I love the floral print and color of this dress.  Cuteness factor is a big deal obviously.  Who doesn’t want to feel good in what they wear.  I really like how the dress had pockets too.  Pockets are so convenient for little things I don’t want to hold or have to bring a purse along for.  This dress met my expectations as far as looking how it did online too.  Sometimes colors online can be misleading.  I was pleasantly surprised that the dress looked even cuter when it arrived.


With four kids, I am constantly moving, bending over and chasing kids around.  Luckily when I wear this dress I definitely don’t have to worry about flashing anyone unintentionally.  There isn’t a need for layering tees or tanks underneath this dress which is also nice for when its hot outside.  Finding modest and cute clothing is very important to me and I was happy this dress fit that requirement.


I like finding good deals on the clothes I buy and I feel that Cleo Madison has pretty competitive prices.  This dress retails for $32.00 which is a good deal for a cute dress.  They also give free shipping to anywhere shipped in the US which is awesome!

Basically my review of this dress is that I love it.  It is now among some of my favorite dresses I own.  I definitely will be buying from this company again.  I would love for you to comment and tell me your favorite item on their website.


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