Inexpensive DIY Large Magnet Board


My kids love to do art and always want to decorate the walls in their room.  I love to see all of their art work but I don’t like it randomly taped all over their walls.  I decided to get them each a magnet board for their rooms instead.

While searching for one, I found that magnet boards were pretty expensive for the big size I was looking for.  I also wanted something colorful and not metal.

I found an idea online to use an oil drip pan from an automotive store and cover it with fabric.  The oil drip pan was 2 feet by 3 feet.  This was perfect for the big size I was after.  The pan was also very inexpensive.  Here is the cost breakdown of supplies

24X36 oil drip pan –   $11.99

1 and 1/4 yard of fabric –           $4.00

Modge Podge –              $4.44

This is what the oil drip pan looked like before covering it. It had a greasy film so I washed it off with a soapy rag.

Next cover the pan with modge podge.  Brush the modge around so it evenly coats the bottom.

I didn’t get a picture of the next step.  However next pick up the fabric and set it on top.  Having  2 people for this is handy so there can be one person on each end.  Once the fabric is set down, rub the board everywhere to make sure there are no bubbles and it is stuck down securely.  Once it is dry, flip it over and brush modge podge on the back.  Wrap the fabric around so it is glued to the back.  Once again rub everywhere to prevent bubbles and to make sure its secure.

Voila!  My mom helped me do 2 boards.  It took about 45 minutes for both of them!  My kids were so excited to start adorning these with all of their creations.  When they get home from school, they love to go put all their stuff on it.

I like that they can still display all of their art without having it stuck randomly all over the walls or overflowing on the side of the fridge.



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