Creating a CNC Lathe using CNC Linux

Today I had a blast working with my brother-in-law, Tyler, setting up his lathe to work with CNC Linux. CNC stands for computer numerical control. He is essentially turning a manual lathe into a robot lathe.

This won’t be Tyler’s first CNC machine. He built his own CNC plasma table that he uses to cut sheet metal. He has made the following items with his plasma table:

Star Spangled American Flag – By Tyler Hodson

I hung the flag in my office at work. It is a great conversation piece and it gets many compliments from my coworkers.

The other thing he has made from his plasma cutter is this race medal hanger. Ever since the whole family got into running it has become a way for the entire family to display our medals.

Race Medal Hanger – By Tyler Hodson

Tyler plans on finishing up the CNC lathe in a couple months. Once he does, I’d like to post a follow on of it working.

Please comment below if you are interested in purchasing either of these items, I’m sure he’d be happy to make one for you.


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