DIY Wood Pallet Clock


I love my birthday present!  Rob spent the day making me a wood pallet clock that I had requested.  He spent a lot of time and love on it which makes it all the more special.


  • Wood pallet (FREE)
  • White Paint (Already had some)
  • Black Paint  (1.29)
  • Paint Brush (Already had one)
  • Foam Brush (.25)
  • One inch finish nails
  • 3/8 X 1″ Router Bit.

He started by taking off the pieces of wood from the pallet that his sister gave us.  

Next he arranged bigger and smaller pieces of wood together.  

Then he traced an existing clock we had to cut out the new clock.

After it was cut out, he sanded it down to get rid of all the rough spots.  

Next he took a small amount of paint and dry brushed it on the clock to give it a weathered/distressed look.  

He got really into the painting.  (I never knew he had an artistic side to him.)

After dry brushing on the white paint, he gently sanded down some of the thicker painted spots again to give it a distressed look.


After wiping the dust off, Rob used a paintbrush to apply a coat of Polyacrylic on top to seal the paint in.

The next step was to route out an area where the battery of the clock would go.  Rob was pretty happy to acquire a new tool to do this part.

We debated whether to do vinyl letters or painted letters for the clock.  We ended up deciding on painted letters because of the uneven surfaces of the clock and also to give it more of a rustic look.  I printed out the numbers on the computer and then Rob tediously cut out each letter with an exacto knife.


I probably would have just eyeballed placing the numbers on, but Rob having the mathematical mind that he does made sure they were all spaced just right.






He used Loctite spray on the back of each stencil to temporarily position them on the clock.

The next thing was sponging on the black paint over the stencil and then peeling off the stencils.

Lastly, Rob applied another coat of Polyacrylic to seal the painted numbers.  I love the finished product.  Rob ordered some clock hands and attached them

Here is the final product:


For the past almost 9 years we have been married we haven’t had a working clock in our house. Now we can know the time without looking at our cell phones. 😉

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