Slimming my Brimming Waist – Weeks 7 and 8 Progress

I owe you all an apology for not posting my progress last week. I felt it more important to spend time with the family since I had been out of town

I appreciate those of you who expressed concern that I did not post, I am still going.

I received back the results from the Bod Pod and InBody %body fat analysis I had done on the 10th of February.

Here is a video clip of my results:

Food Diary <—– Click here to view my food diary for the week




  • Back and Biceps <– Click here to see the log
  • 30 burpees in 1:59
  • Decline sit-ups with ball twist – 12 reps each
  • 2:30 minute plank
  • 1 mile treadmill run 6:12



  • Legs and Back <– Click here to see the log
  • 35 burpees in 1:58
  • Spartan Abs
  • 2:30 minute plank
  • 1 mile treadmill run 6:10


  • 10k run (6.2 miles) with the Strider’s Winter Race Circuit
    • Time 45:04
    • 22nd place overall
    • 6th place in my age and gender group
  • After the race, I jogged it a second time to get an additional 6 miles for a total of 12 miles


  • Weight: 165.5 lbs was my best for the week, back to my 6 week low
  • Waist: 33″ down 2.5″ this year.

I’d love to hear your encouragement and feedback. If and when you start noticing an improvement, I would appreciate you sharing this post, commenting below, or subscribing to the blog.

My goals are two fold:

  • To get in better shape myself
  • Inspire others to do the same

Check out past weeks:


2 thoughts on “Slimming my Brimming Waist – Weeks 7 and 8 Progress”

  1. You’re doing GREAT! I admire your tenacity. If I tried to do this level of activity at my age and fitness level, I’d be passed out. On the floor. In an ocean of sweat. In five minutes, maybe less. But! I’d be wearing cute workout clothes–for a chubby (not old!) lady. Haha! Keep going!

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