Slimming my Brimming Waist – Week 6 Progress

I was able to volunteer for Ragnar at the Strider’s Winter Race Circuit packet pickup on Thursday night. The folks at Strider’s and the GOAL Foundation were kind enough to allow Ragnar to set up a table. Here is me working the table, trying my best to answer any questions about Ragnar.

Volunteering for Ragnar Wasatch Back
Those who run the Ragnar Wasatch Back and the Ogden Half or Full Marathon will be getting the Mullet Medal!

I was impressed with how professional Strider’s was. If you want a good pair of shoes, they’d be a great place to go.

While I was representing Ragnar, I told the folks at the GOAL Foundation that I had been mentioning their Winter Race Circuit on my blog. They hooked me up with a discount code for anyone wanting to run in any of the GOAL Foundation races. There are a couple exceptions such as the races that are only $10. To get your $10 dollar discount on most the races use the code: BRUDERER. GOAL Foundation Race Registration

Food Diary <—– Click here to view my food diary for the week


  • Chest and Triceps <– Click here to see log of my workout
  • 25 burpees in 1:19
  • Spartan Abs 3/4 the reps
  • Plank 2:10
  • 1 mile treadmill run in 6:30



  • Back and Biceps <– Click here to see the log
  • 30 burpees in 1:32
  • Spartan Abs (3/4 the reps)
  • 2:10 minute plank
  • 1 mile treadmill run 6:21


Sick – Took a rest day



Sick – Took a rest day


  • 1 mile warm up run to the Dee Events Center
  • 5k run for the Strider’s Winter Race Circuit Time 22:49


  • Weight: 167 lbs was my best for the week, back to my 6 week low
  • Waist: 33.5″ down 2″ this year.


I’d love to hear your encouragement and feedback. If and when you start noticing an improvement, I would appreciate you sharing this post, commenting below, or subscribing to the blog.

My goals are two fold:

  • To get in better shape myself
  • Inspire others to do the same

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