5 MORE Easy Ways to Keep a Journal

A couple months ago I wrote about Five Easy Ways to Keep a Journal.  I wanted to do a follow up post about Five MORE easy Ways to Keep a Journal.  As you can tell Journal writing is an important topic for me.  I want to remember facts, events, people, memories, the good, the bad and everything else.

Food Journal

Sometimes I wonder what in the world my family has eaten for dinner every night for the past 8 years.  I know I cook, but when it comes time to making dinner or meal prepping I always run out of ideas or am stumped.  Dinner isn’t something you can just forget about. . everyone needs to eat even if it is takeout or a granola bar.  I thought having a book with a picture of what we eat every night for dinner would be a fun idea.  I also think my kids would enjoy looking back later in life too to see what kinds of dinners were prepared or bought for them.  This isn’t a “foodie” picture for social media or a beautifully plated picture, but a real life quick snapshot just to have a record of what we ate that night.  Some nights are an extravagant meal and some nights it is just cold cereal or pizza.  Even when we go out to eat, I snap a picture so I remember that night I ate out instead of cooking.  I like having a record of what we ate to flip through later on when I need a meal idea.  I also think future posterity would enjoy seeing what types of foods their ancestors ate. . .I know I would!  I put the pictures I take each night in a Chatbook and call it “Daily Dinners.”  I wrote more about Chatbooks in a previous post here.  This way of journaling takes NO effort.  I snap a picture, upload it to the Chatbook app and its done.  I thought I would try to print out a book once a year.

Audio JournAl

I have saved voicemails from my hubby before because I smile when I hear his voice.  I am sure after a loved one passes on it would be a treasure to have an audio recording of their voice too.  This brings me to my next journal suggestion.  Record yourself talking.  You can do this anyway you like.  You could share personal stories or simply talk about your day to day life.  There are several apps that let you use this feature.  I am sure your kids or future posterity would love to hear stories from their mom, dad, grandma or grandpa.  This way of journaling also takes little to no effort.  Record. . talk. . .done!

Here are a few suggested apps to record yourself.

voice recorder

smart voice recorder


Gratitude Journal

When I was 8 years old, my parents gave each member of the family a blank journal.  My parents challenged us to write 5 things we were grateful for each day.  I still have that journal today and like looking at things I was grateful for when I was young.  As an adult, I notice when I try to see the great things about each day, it makes my outlook a lot better.  I want to do this same idea with my own kids so they can learn to look for the joys in each day too and appreciate the beauty and blessings around them.

The 52 List Project

This best seller book is an awesome super low pressure journal idea for anyone that loves to make lists.  This book gives you a prompt and then you make a list.  By the end of the year you have made 52 lists.  Some of the list questions are:  list your best qualities, list the things that always cheer you up, list the things that motivate you and list the things you want to add to your life.  After each list is a “take action” section.  I make lists all the time so I might as well make a journal out of it.


I took a class in college where one of my final assignments was to write an autobiography.  The minimum page requirement was 18 pages.  Mine ended up being close to 50 pages I think.  I am long winded I guess.  I was a little put out by the assignment but now I am grateful to have it.  I definitely need to add more since it has been about 10 years.  I know that writing an autobiography can seem daunting and time consuming.  A previous coworker of mine suggested for those that were overwhelmed by the task of writing an autobiography to just ask yourself personal history questions.  He has an amazing list of them on his blog here  He also suggested just googling personal history questions to get more ideas that work for you.

Here are also some other books too to help record your legacy

Memories for my Grandchild

This book is such a cute idea for grandparents to record their legacy.  There are prompts to tell grandchildren, great grandchildren and future grandchildren all about their childhood and teen years, marriage, religion military, family life, parenthood, service, etc.  There is also a pocket you can store some keepsakes and notes inside.  This is another journal where grandparents can write let

Craft a meaningful life story!

This book is really just a guide to record your life story.   There are 35 guided themes and extra exercises that help you write about milestones, relationships, career decisions, and life choices

Mom’s Five Second Memory Journal

This journal is my favorite because motherhood is so busy!  It really is perfect for a hectic lifestyle.  This journal give fun prompts to record memories of motherhood or children.  The author says:  “And best of all, since the journal isn’t chronological, you won’t feel guilty if you don’t fill it out for a week (or a month or three)!”  That is good for me.

Really I know how busy life can be. . .BUT how much time is spent on social media here and there.  Journal writing is feasible and something your posterity will be grateful to have so I suggest trying out something that works for you.  I would love to hear any other journal ideas to add to the list?




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