Slimming my Brimming Waist – Week 2 Progress

I am one who strives to workout in the morning. Unfortunately I felt sick when waking up Monday morning. I knew going to the gym would not be wise. I went back to sleep hoping to feel better.

An hour and a half later and I still didn’t feel great. I also felt that I should not go to work because I felt pretty queasy. I was getting pretty worried, because I committed to each of you to do this.

Getting sick is a really easy way for me to lose focus on my health and fitness goals. Many times, I just want to rest and eat. I knew that at the end of the week I was going to be posting a picture of myself and it is very motivating for me to show progress. Eating would definitely set me back if I wasn’t careful.

Luckily, by being aware of what I eat using MyFitnessPal, I was able to count my calories and stay on track. To my delight, I felt much better on Tuesday and was able to get back to the gym.

Food Diary <—– Click here to view my food diary for the week


I took a sick day and did not exercise, but was able to keep close to my calorie goal which is 1500 calories per day. When I exercise I am able to eat more. The allotment of calories increases in MyFitnessPal when you enter in your cardiovascular exercise.


I did Monday’s workout on Tuesday since I was sick. I like to make sure I get the strength training days in.

Tuesday’s Workout
  • Chest and Triceps <– Click here to see log of my workout
  • 35 burpees
  • 2 minute plank
  • 1 mile run


Back and Biceps
  • Back and Biceps <– Click here to see the log
  • 40 burpees
  • 2 minute plank
  • 1 mile run


Don’t look at the picture below too closely, I am just dripping in sweat. Insanity does it to me each time. I easily burn between 500 to 700 calories in an hour when doing this.



Legs and Shoulders
  • Legs and Shoulders <– Click here to see a log of my workout
  • 25 burpees
  • 2 minute 10 second plank
  • 1 mile run


The weather was beautiful this Saturday. Additionally, the air quality in my county was in the green so I decided to get out and run. When setting out I had planned on going 8 miles, but since it felt so great to be out I went 10.

My advice to anyone wishing to take up running or walking outside is to make sure pollution levels aren’t too dangerous. There is the “Utah Clean Air” app for those who live in Utah. You can further look at each county to see if it is going to be safe to run outside.

  • 45 burpees
  • 10 mile run

Progress Picture and Stats

  • Weight: 170 lbs was my best for the week
  • Waist: 35″ down 1/2 an inch

Brimming Waist Progress Picture - Week 2

Brimming Waist Progress Picture - Week 0

View of my spare tire from the front
Spare tire from the back a.k.a. love handles

I’d love to hear your encouragement and feedback. If and when you start noticing an improvement, I would appreciate you sharing this post, commenting below, or subscribing to the blog.

My goals are two fold:

  • To get in better shape myself
  • Inspire others to do the same

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