My Turn!

I have 10 minutes left on my lunch break at work and thought I would quickly blog about my funny little 3 year old.  His favorite phrase lately is

“My Turn!”

He likes to do EVERYTHING all by himself.  I am grateful for an independent toddler (sometimes.)  He does not like help, assistance, advice, or anything that involves him not fully doing a task by himself.  I can ruin his day quickly when I try to help him out.

Yesterday he took 10 minutes to put on his pajama shirt.  During that time there were screams, fits and frustration.  He would ask for help and when I tried to help, he would say:  “No, my turn!”  He FINALLY got the shirt on after quite the effort only to discover it was backwards.  I tried not to laugh out loud, but it was hilarious.  I will post a sped up video of his process later on.

I find this situation amusing because he is my own kid.  Does anyone else have a fiercely independent toddler?

2 thoughts on “My Turn!”

  1. He’s been independent since the day he was born! Maybe even before he was born. Hahaha! You are so patient. XXOO

    1. I am not always patient! Thank you for the compliment though. He is a very independent boy for sure!

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