What happened? Why am I “Brimming” at the waist?

I have a favor to ask. I am on a journey to get back to healthy living and I would like your help in keeping me accountable. I plan on posting weekly progress updates. These updates will include a progress picture, weekly stats, what I ate each day, and what I did to exercise.

How did I get here?

A few years back (2010) my sister Amy Mills challenged me to enter a half marathon with her.  I had been doing P90X and Insanity and felt like I was in pretty good shape so I decided to accept her challenge. This is where my love of running in races was born. I got hooked. I continued to train for and run several more races. To date I have run 8 full marathons and a handful of half marathons. It was always my goal to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I came close a couple times.

First Half Marathon – With Amy Mills and Paul Bruderer

In 2014, my work announced that there was an opportunity to go back to school to earn an all expenses paid MBA at Weber State. I decided to give it a try and submitted an application to my management. To my surprise I was selected.

At first I tried to maintain my rigorous and time consuming running schedule and work on the MBA. This proved to be too difficult. If I was going to have any time left over for Kari and the kids, something had to give. Although it was sad, my marathoning had to take a hiatus.

MBA Graduation 2016 – Weber State University

Fast forward to now. I wish I could say that all I gained was knowledge and a masters degree, but I must admit that I also gained several pounds around the mid section.

Starting with a plan

All good plans should be tied to goals. Here are my goals:

  • Reduce my %body fat composition to 10% or under in the 2017 calendar year
  • Complete the Wasatch Back Ragnar race
  • Complete at least one marathon in the 2017 calendar year
  • Post my progress on this blog at least 75% of the weeks in the 2017 calendar year
Planned Schedule and Checklist for January

My progress picture

So this is pretty embarrassing for me to be posting this for all to see, but this will be my motivation to show you all my progress.

Brimming Waist Progress Picture - Week 0

View of my spare tire from the front
Spare tire from the back a.k.a. love handles


It is my primary hope that this will keep me motivated to get back into shape. Additionally, I hope that you will check back regularly to see how I am doing. Not only will this help me, but I hope that you will join me on this journey. I know that it is not going to be easy. I know that it will be worth the effort though.

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