Is it OK to get her a vacuum for Christmas?

Yes folks… I did it. I bought Kari a vacuum for Christmas. GASP. The good news is that she says she loves it. Kari is the type of gal that wouldn’t tell me if she were unhappy with it. Besides, this is not your typical vacuum. I went with the Dyson Cordless V8.

We have had so much fun using it. I have already cleaned all the vents, the cracks between our couch cushions, the kitchen floor, and our front room area. The charge is said to last about 40 minutes.

I received many comments that a vacuum is the cliche DON’T DO gift for her. I risked offending her, so I also got her a couple dresses, two blouses and two pencil skirts from Mikarose to stay out of the dog house.

I got to wondering, how do most people think about this? I created a survey below so I could find out.

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