DIY Christmas Garland

I had a lot of fun adoring our plain green Christmas garland for our house this year.  I am a little late posting about it, but it is SO easy that you still have time to create one yourself.

I had intentions on just buying a pre decorated garland because I didn’t want to take the time to do it.  However I didn’t really like the decorated ones I saw and so I decided to do my own.

I bought a plain green pre lit garland similar to this one.

Next, I went to the Dollar Store and bought some red berries

I also bought red and silver ornaments at the Dollar Store.

I turned my Thanksgiving pinecones into snow covered ones using this super duper easy method.  Literally 5 minutes to make!  

Finally, I bought some green wire to attach everything to the garland.

My son had a blast using the wire cutters and cutting all the wire pieces for me.  Projects are more fun when my kids help out.  I am not a perfectionist so spacing the decorations out evenly or having a plan in mind did not happen.  We just stuck everything on there, and I love it!  The right way to decorate is the way you like it for your own home.

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