Thoughtful Gift Givers

1480557107940Every year there are those people that triumphantly exclaim they have completed all of their Christmas shopping several months in advance or before December comes around.  These planners even finish wrapping their gifts and have it all ready to go.  I have heard how thoughtful it is to get Christmas shopping done so early.  I am not one of those people and this meme explains why.

Someone once suggested that by procrastinating the purchase of the gifts that I was somehow not putting in as much thought. This person failed to recognize that I was thinking about that perfect gift and didn’t want to rush to purchase the first thing that came to mind. By waiting until just before Christmas, I am able to think about the best gift possible for that person.

Those of you who have already purchased all your gifts, have you ever thought of a more thoughtful gift, but because you already had something purchased just decided to go with that anyway?

This post is in support of all of us who are labeled as being unthoughtful gift givers when in actuality we are utilizing our time to put the most thought possible into your gift. We just do it in a different way.

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