Top 10 Signs You are Married to a Hoarder


1 – He returns home from the dump with more stuff than he took…(seriously this has happened on several occasions).

2 – He gets giddy when passing the organizational section at Walmart.

3 – He has duplicate items of everything “just incase” he ever needs it.

4 – Everything…I mean everything he owns automatically has sentimental value regardless of the item.

5 – He generously helps others by taking stuff off of their hands.

6 – He has enough knick knacks to start his own antique shop.

7 – When he tells you about an old friend that weirdly saved belly button lint and you start to wonder if he is considering doing the same thing himself.

8 – He refers to himself as a collector

9 – He finds uses for everything. . old yogurt containers, cardboard boxes, etc. You get the idea.

10 – When he owns 17 backpacks and still can’t wait to buy more each year.

Recently Rob posted “Top 10 Signs You are Married to a Minimalist“. I was not thrilled about this post and suggested he change some points and get rid of others altogether. He called me out on that…even as he was writing a post about minimalism, I was trying to convince him to get rid of stuff:)

Hoarders and minimalists, please feel free to comment below with those signs that may be missing. I know this will be difficult for the minimalists. You are thinking, a list of 10 items is sufficient. What is funny, is I bet the hoarders will be the ones that add to the list.



5 thoughts on “Top 10 Signs You are Married to a Hoarder”

  1. My dad is decidedly a hoarder based off this list. Vaughn and I are both somewhere in between minimalist and hoarder. I do try to push us more towards minimalist though.

    1. I think that is great Brittany! Having an in between is best. Not too extreme either way. This list was a little exaggerated;)

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