Turn Photos into Watercolor Paintings


Watercolor Photos

I love admiring beautiful watercolor paintings.  I am amazed at the talent it takes to create these works of art.  I definitely do not have this artistic talent and since artwork can be pretty expensive, I tried to look around for other alternatives.

I found an app called:  Waterlogue.  This app can change any of the photos you upload into beautiful watercolor paintings in 30 seconds or less. There were several app options, but I personally liked this one the best and it had the best reviews.  Here are a few examples below.

image1-10 image1-11 image2-1

Frame it

I ended up deciding to frame one of the pictures I turned into a watercolor. I printed off the picture at Costco, framed it and had my hubby hang it up.  I love it!  I already had the frame, so the whole project cost me about five dollars.



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