Keeping Your Baby Warm This Winter is Easy


With winter approaching, one of the dilemmas I face is how to keep my baby warm in her carseat when going places. Putting a jacket or bulky coat on my baby is dangerous and unsafe. Trying to bunch a blanket on top results in her pulling or pushing it off.   Plus when I get to my destination, I have to take the blanket off to get her out of her seat which leaves her freezing cold.

My mom introduced me to the perfect solution to my problem. It is a toddler/baby car seat poncho.


This poncho is safe to wear in a car seat because it goes over the straps and not under so she is secure in her carseat.


While in their carseat the poncho acts as a blanket to keep your baby or toddler warm while you drive because they can’t pull it off.  When you need to take your little one out of their carseat, they remain warm and the blanket turns back into a poncho.

Another bonus is seeing how ridiculously cute and adorable your baby will look in this!


My mom made up her own pattern for this poncho because she is amazing like that.

If you would like to follow a tutorial online for making one, there are a few great options I will list below.




If you do not have the time to make one, you can get really cute inexpensive ones on Amazon.


4 thoughts on “Keeping Your Baby Warm This Winter is Easy”

    1. Thanks Lori. I had never heard of them before either. I love it and can’t wait to use it this winter.

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