Coat Closet Hack – How to Make Your Coat Closet More Efficient

Do you ever catch your kids plopping down their jackets on the floor right next to the coat closet? How about opening up the closet and finding coats that were just thrown in there on the floor?
Let’s be honest with ourselves, have you ever tossed your own jacket on a couch or banister because of the effort required to hang your jacket?
It’s easy to rationalize…”I’m going to wear it again tomorrow, it will be more efficient not to hang it up.” I know I have done this countless times.


Hanging up a jacket takes more effort with a traditional coat closet. It requires the following steps:

  • Opening the closet
  • Searching for a free hanger (they seem to always be hiding)
  • Removing the hanger from the rod
  • Putting the jacket on the hanger
  • Sliding the rest of the items in the closet over to make room for your jacket
  • Hanging up the jacket
  • Closing the closet door

In a very unofficial and unscientific manner, I timed Ms. Brimmed Hat hanging up various jackets in our coat closet.  It took her an average of 16 seconds per jacket using a closet with a hanger and rod. Granted, we had plenty of hangers available so searching for a spare hanger did not add to the time. If she had to search for a hanger, this could have taken much longer.

I have personally noticed that the more effort required to perform a basic daily task, the more likely it is that I won’t complete that task on a consistent basis

By completing this coat closet hack, you will be increasing the efficiency of your coat closet. You will also be surprised that hanging up your jackets takes half the time as it did before. To hang a jacket using the coat closet hack, Ms. Brimmed Hat averaged only 6 seconds per coat or jacket. This is a 10 second per item savings. It only requires three steps:

  • Open closet
  • Hang jacket on coat hook
  • Close closet

Using the coat hooks instead of the rod has proven to be more convenient for our family. My wife and I have staked claim to various sides of the closet. Ms. Brimmed Hat claimed the right side so I took the left side.

Before you begin the project, you are going to be need some hooks. To get them coming to your house, please use the Amazon link below. By using this link, Ms. Brimmed Hat and I get a very small amount for referring you to Amazon. In return, for your support, we hope you like some of these ideas and they benefit you as much as they have us. We welcome your feedback.

Most homes I have seen come standard with just one shelf in the coat closet. Ms. Brimmed Hat had done her best to use some plastic crates to keep organized, but it didn’t ever seem to work. She said she was required to combine several of the various categories of items in the same crate. We were able to better organize with the addition of the second shelf and purchasing some canvas bins. If you are considering this hack and need some bins, please consider these ones. If you purchase them from the link, we get a small percentage of your purchase for the referral.

Thank you for visiting our blog. If you end up implementing this hack, please comment below and let us know how it went. Also, if you have a spare moment, could you please like and/or share this?





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    1. Thank you Brenda for taking the time to read and comment. We have definitely noticed a difference in how much more organized things are now.

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