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I love November probably because it is the month I got married.  The other big reason I enjoy this month is because of Thanksgiving.  I LOVE yummy Thanksgiving food and especially all the fun gatherings with family.  I have so many blessings and am grateful to reflect upon them during this time with the people I love.

Today I decided the Thanksgiving decor needed to come out.  I had most of the items on hand and the other ones were pretty inexpensive.  I always admire people that have a knack for decorating and have beautifully decorated homes.  I am definitely not a natural decorator, but I just make it up;)  Also my kids have fun when the holidays change and new stuff appears.

Mantel Decor

The window frame a friend of ours had at his house just sitting outside getting weathered upon.  He said he didn’t want it, so I took it off his hands.


The garland and sunflower I bought at . . well for a dollar;)


These pinecones my son and I collected at a park.  We had so much fun doing it together and plus who wants to pay a ton for pinecones when they are scattered everywhere outside for free.  I didn’t want the possibility of bugs lurking in them so we did this handy tip here tipnut.


I already had these mason jars on hand.  I just filled them up with pantry goods we already had to add color and a harvesty look.  Incase anyone is wondering what is in the jars, it is:  split peas, white beans, lentils and popcorn.


I bought this cute burlap and green twine last year at Michaels.  The burlap was 2.50 with a coupon and the twine was 2.00.  There is more than enough to last forever.  I cut off some burlap and wrapped it around the mason jar that had popcorn in it.  I used the green twine to tie a bow around both jars.  I also framed some of the burlap in the small frame on the mantel.

I bought this cute metal pumpkin last year at bennion craft for 5.00.  I am considering spraying it a muted orange though because it kind of disappears on the mantel.  Either way though I love it, obviously that is why I bought it;)


I printed out this free  Thanksgiving Subway Art and put it in a frame I already had.



I already had these candlestick holders.  My son and I went and picked some pumpkins out at a local produce stand to set on top.  dsc_0852

My mom made me this cute white dish and my neighbor gave me these small little pumpkins. . so thats pretty much how this decoration came about.


On the way home from my son’s soccer game last year I saw this at a yard sale for a dollar.  I thought it was super cute.


So there is the breakdown of everything on the mantel.  The most fun for me is having my kids help me set everything out.  They love being part of it all.




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