DIY Star Wars Halloween Costumes

The force is strong with these little ones

I love to dress up my kids in themed Halloween costumes.  I realize someday they may scoff at the idea so I have to take full advantage of it while they are young and think its awesome.  Call me cheap, but I also have a hard time spending an outrageous amount of money on already made costumes that they may only end up wearing once.


My oldest son has been really into Star Wars lately.  He requested a Star Wars character for his costume this year.  Now, I have a confession that may seem odd, crazy or even unthinkable.  I have never seen any of the Star Wars movies completely.  Sure I have started watching some, but quickly lose interest or end up falling asleep .  Star Wars has not been a top priority for me to watch. . . .(gasp) ever.  I guess you could say I have not caught on to the craze.  My husband thinks I’m a little strange and I’m sure he is right.  He has even bribed me with a massage if I sit and watch one of the movies with him all the way through.

My lack of  knowledge regarding Star Wars led me to research out the different characters so I could keep with the family Halloween theme this year.  I presented the different character ideas to my kids to help me decide who each kid should be.  They didn’t take too long to decide and were excited as I was to get going on their costumes.

After seeing these cute kids dressed up, I may just have to watch Star Wars all the way through now. . . . maybe.

DIY Princess Leia Costume

Princess Leia
Princess Leia Cost/Supply Break Down

White Twin Sheet (fitted or flat)Already had one
Boots$2.00 from thrift store
Silver Belt$.75 at Joann Fabric

I found a two minute tutorial from thecontemplativecreative on how to make a Princess Leia costume using a twin sheet.  I love quick and easy ideas so this was perfect.

Princess Leia costume when laid out flat

I found this scrap silver fabric at Joann Fabric.  My mom sewed the belt for me and attached a piece of velcro on each end so it could attach around her waist.

Princess Leia Belt

The last part of her costume was finding boots or shoes that were white.  I couldn’t find white boots anywhere.  When I did find them, they were really expensive too.  I went to the thrift store one day and found some brown boots for $2.00.  I bought them and decided I would just spray them white.  I had seen countless tutorials online of women repurposing their boots and shoes with spray paint to change the color so I figured I would give it a try.

All I needed was some sandpaper, and a bottle of Rust-oleum.


Scuffing the boots with sandpaper

I took a piece of sandpaper and quickly scuffed up the boots and then wiped off the sandpaper dust with a damp rag.  By scuffing up the boots first, the paint will adhere a little bit better.

Next I sprayed the boots, waited for them to dry for about a half hour and then applied another coat of paint.  If I were doing these for my own shoes, I probably would have been more careful and taped off the soles, buckles, etc.  However, for a kid costume I didn’t care as much about detail, so I just quickly covered them!

Here they are all complete!

DIY Luke Skywalker Costume

DIY Luke Skywalker Costume
Luke Skywalker Cost/Supply Break Down  
Karate ShirtApprox. $17 on Amazon
Pants $2.00 at a thrift store
BootsFree from a Facebook yard sale site
Belt "Borrowed" one from his dad (Had to cut it...sshh he doesn't know yet)
LightsaberAlready had one
Used a white karate shirt

I bought this karate shirt from Amazon.  This was the  most expensive thing I bought out of all the costumes.  I tried finding a karate shirt at a thrift store but didn’t have any luck.

These pants were 2.00 at a thrift store
This belt my hubby had and we cut it a bit shorter to use for the costume.
These boots I found on an online yard sale that someone was giving away for free.  My mom covered them with felt for me

DIY Yoda Costume

DIY Yoda Costume
Yoda Supplies and Cost Breakdown 
Brown Shirt & PantsAlready had them
Tan shirt$2.00 from thrift store
Green Felt$3.00 from Joann Fabrics
String or BeltI used brown shoelaces I already had
I purchased this tan boys shirt from the thrift store for $2.00 to use for the Yoda robe. The only thing that needed to be done is cut it down the middle.
I found these footie pajamas in our basement in a random tote. You could use a brown shirt and pants though instead.
I gave my mom some green fleece and she made up this hat and sewed on ears to the side for Yoda.
I already had these shoes. My mom cut out two flaps of green fleece and cut 2 holes in the top to string the shoelaces through to attach.
I had two brown shoelaces that I tied together to use for the Yoda belt. You could use any type of string or belt though.

DIY Ewok Costume2016ewok

Ewok Cost/Supply Break Down 
Bear Costume$8.00 from a Facebook yard sale site
Brown Shirt$2.00 from a thrift store
SpearStick from the back yard and a piece of cardboard for the point
I bought this bear suit from a lady on a Facebook yard sale site.
I bought this brown t-shirt at the thrift store. Two holes were cut on the top to fit over the bear ears. The sleeves are also cut off.

So there you have it, an inexpensive Star Wars theme.  A lot of these items you may already have on hand or can purchase for not very much.


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