Facebook Farding

When I started this blog, never did it occur to me that I would ever be writing and posting about cosmetics and make-up.  I recently posted about all the many facebook posts I have seen where women have been farding.  I also discovered that most people are unfamiliar with this term.  When they are familiar with the term it is mostly associated with applying make-up while driving. Please see Merriam-Websters definition of farding if you don’t believe me.

I became familiar with the term back in the 90s when a local radio station in Utah had people calling in and talking about pet peeves. One particular caller had called in stating that his pet peeve was when women were applying make-up while driving. The radio hosts were quick to educate all that were listening that this was called farding.

My sister-in-law posted my last meme on one of her private groups she has where she is often caught farding.  I decided to create another meme in her honor.  I guess meme might be a stretch.  Perhaps it is better to say that I made up my own term and definition.

Facebook Farding – Recording oneself applying cosmetics to the face and posting it on facebook for all to see.

Definition of Facebook Farding
Facebook Farding

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