Women farding on Facebook

My wife has several friends who have joined some multi-level marketing companies to sell various lipsticks and cosmetics lines. From what I understand, they agreed to post videos of themselves farding (painting their face with cosmetics) on Facebook.

It is also close to Halloween, so there are several ladies I see on Facebook demonstrating some creative make-up ideas for costumes.

It was only fitting that I create a meme for this.

“I don’t often see women farding, but when I do, i’m usually on Facebook.”

4 thoughts on “Women farding on Facebook”

  1. Oh Rob! Toi funny!!! Slight correction….with LipSense I am not required to Fard. I choose to because I love the product so much! I actually can just pay my $50 and do nothing except enjoy the discounts of being a wholesale distributor.
    ….like a Costco membership.

    1. Facebook farding is the latest craze. I wasn’t speaking about you specifically, I have seen others on my news feed posting videos of themselves applying make-up and cosmetic products.

  2. I have just improved my vocabulary by reading your blog. I have never before heard the word “farding,” which my spell checker consistently changes to “farting.” (My apologies in advance if this happens in my comment!) Thanks for the information from this old lady. Fun stuff.

    P.S. The other day, I did see a video of a man farding on Facebook, so it’s not an activity restricted to women. Just sayin’. 😉

    1. Kathy, that is hilarious! I haven’t seen a man farding. I had never heard of this term either until I met Rob. He fills me in on all kinds of useful information.

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