Backpacking the Wind Rivers Mountain Range


The Wind River Mountain Range has spectacular views and amazing fishing.  We learned that most locals refer to them simply as “The Winds”.

We embarked on our journey in early to mid July.  There were four of us on the trip.  Most of us very inexperienced with fishing.  Before leaving I was asking around at work about fishing in the Winds.  I discovered that I work with a very experienced fly fisherman. His name is John. I didn’t yet own much fishing equipment so he suggested that we give tenkara fly fishing a try.  He informed me that he ran a fishing YouTube channel called Utah Tenkara and suggested I check it out.

The beauty of tenkara fishing is in its simplicity.  The fishing poles do not have a reel. A few knots are required to attach the line or leader, but they are not too challenging.

I purchased a rod and the leader from Amazon for around $100.  John recommended a local fishing shop where I could buy a few flies and some tippet.  The tippet goes on the end of the leader and is what the fly attaches to.  Although I was a beginner, I had a blast and was able to catch a few fish.  The black ants were my most successful fly. Whenever I threw one of those in, I got a bite. We were mainly catching cut throats with a few rainbow and brown trouts.

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